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Since the big online poker boom in the mid 00s, variants like Texas Hold’em have been on everyone’s lips. This has led many online providers to strictly separate their multiplayer games in the live dealer area from the other casino games. After all, the differences are serious. Online poker is unpredictable because you are playing against human opponents and not against the house. It is therefore only logical to distinguish between online, casino and video poker. In my test you will get all the important information about safe and legal online poker sites where you can compete with other players for real money.

Recommended software providers

With most providers you can download and install the online poker software on your PC. This is provided by a single manufacturer such as 888poker or Playtech. Especially when playing live against players from all over the world, this improves the performance of the game – you are less susceptible to game delays due to fluctuating internet connections. The software gives you access to a lobby through which you can call up the individual games and interact with other players. If you want to play on the go, most of the providers also offer separate online poker apps for smartphones and tablets. The market is fiercely competitive and despite the industry’s efforts to establish serious regulatory standards, fraud cannot be ruled out in online poker either – there are a few black sheep in every profession

Advantages of playing online poker

Hands in front of a poker table with chips. A smartphone in the left hand and two aces in the right hand.

Studying facial expressions and gestures, feints and many a psychological trick, as well as the various poker strategies, are what make the classic card game in the casino so appealing. Nevertheless, more and more players swear by playing poker online. The advantages are obvious: you can find new tournaments in seconds and have the choice between different attractive prize pools. Another point concerns the stakes. Compared to land-based casinos, you can play for visibly smaller amounts. The stakes are usually the same as the table limits at the providers on my online casino list.

You also don’t have to plan 12 hours for your participation in online poker tournaments, as is often the case with offline tournaments. The number of providers and tables is so large that you will always find a free seat – as well as tables whose betting limits match your personal preferences.

Another advantage is definitely the different variations this game has to offer, as well as the possibility to try them all out. For example, there is also the ever-popular video poker, as well as the casino poker variant. The latter refers to all types of games in which you play alone against the house.

 Online Poker News

The online poker industry is very promising – after all, the game still inspires a large fan community around the globe. Tournaments are broadcast live worldwide on television or via internet streams on Twitch or YouTube. Players, in turn, benefit from providers who try to outdo each other with ever more exciting tournament formats, better software and bonus offers. If you want to keep up to date, I recommend that you regularly follow our newsfeed on online poker.

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