Surebets and Arbitrage Betting Explanation – The Way to a Sure Win


As a rule, such sure bets do not occur with one and the same betting provider, but arise from odds fluctuations of the many different bookmakers.

What to look for in arbitrage betting

The problem with safe bets is that others are also looking for them and the odds are therefore constantly changing.

You have to be very quick to find such an arbitrage bet, otherwise you will have already placed a bet with two bookmakers and the third will suddenly change its odds and your safe profit will be gone.

In addition, you need a high starting capital to really achieve higher profits, because often the profit margin is very low, as in the above examples, and finding such bets and the associated calculations cost time and effort.

It should also not be underestimated that one has to open accounts with the necessary capital at very many betting offices and betting exchanges. Surebets are published free of charge on some Internet sites.

However, these tips are usually not very up-to-date. More up-to-date, however, are the tips sold by some providers on the Internet.

The situation is different with back/lay surebets. Here, an account with a betting exchange is sufficient. With these bets, back/lay bets on the same outcome of an event are used to make a sure profit.

An arbitrage bet is always given here if the lay odds are lower than the back odds. This will never be the case in a direct comparison, so one must be able to predict the odds development and thus also the course of the game.

Furthermore, it should be noted here that betting exchanges finance themselves by retaining a certain percentage of the net profit.

In the case of lay betting, it should be noted that the capital required here corresponds to the risk sum, which is calculated as follows:

  • Stake * ( odds – 1 )

A low lay quota always requires a lower capital

A very big danger with surebets is that different betting providers have different general terms and conditions and therefore in rare cases evaluate bets differently.

The best example of this is tennis betting, when one player wins because the other player w.o. (gives up). With some betting providers this bet is evaluated as a win, with some it is cancelled in principle, with some it depends on whether 1 game, 1 set or more was concluded…

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