Live Betting

Live Betting

Live betting is a very interesting form of betting that is becoming more and more popular and is also offered on the internet by many online betting shops. 

When betting live, you often have to rely on your intuition. You can get good odds on live betting especially if you guess which team will score the next goal. The odds are relatively high for live bets when a team is trailing 0:2 or 0:3 and presses for the next goal. Then you have to act quickly in live betting, because a goal by the trailing team is very likely and the longer you wait, the faster the odds drop. Think carefully, but also don’t be too slow in placing your bet. Statistics should not be ignored either. For example, if the favourites are behind by one goal and press for the equaliser, it should be clear who will score the next goal. Current live betting odds should also always be taken into account, because they change quickly and with almost every match situation.

People who play live betting need a quick perception and must be able to react quickly to changes. Therefore, it is actually also important to see the games to be bet on. By acting rashly, the betting slip can then be quickly broken. So before you bet too quickly on the next corner kick or the next goal, don’t forget to think again, otherwise it can damage your betting account. Mobile live betting is also becoming increasingly popular.

Bwin, a company based in Gibraltar, offers a very good live betting programme and, on top of that, a very nice feature where you can watch the games live.

An equally great live betting console and super live betting offer can be found at Bet365, which, just like Bwin, also offers live football broadcasts and other sports broadcasts (e.g. Spanish Primera Division games, Champions league, basketball, Premier league, snooker, darts,…). A calendar provides a good overview at Bet365 of which games are currently being offered live. The German Bundesliga is not broadcast by the providers, but there are Sky and other streaming services.

But also on the livescore page of the betting base you are always up to date and can react very quickly, because you can have all the information (Head2Head, last results, etc.) from the livescore at one click.

Live betting Volleyball, Pool, Darts

  1. two-man combos with low odds. These should be between 1.10 and 1.25, as the chance of winning is very high there. For example, if you bet on two bets with odds of 1.2 as a combination, you get $7.20 for a $5 stake – i.e. $2.20 profit. If you win three times, you have a profit of 6.60 $. Then you can afford to lose one. If you only bet these amounts, the profit is not high, but as the saying goes: the squirrel feeds with difficulty.
  2. bet on underdogs, i.e. outsiders. Sometimes a team is bet as an underdog even though it has a good league position. This usually applies to teams that play away from home. If a good goal safety away from home then speaks in favour of the team, you should try it. It is worth it.
  3. live betting For live betting I recommend volleyball, because a team with a 5-point lead usually wins. The odds are a bit low, but see above – the squirrel. Or pool: Check the progress list to see what form the players are in and guess how many balls will fall on the opening shot. I do not recommend live betting on darts at all. You can do whatever you want, the tip (at least mine) is usually wrong. Except maybe which colour will finish.

I hope I could be of help and say good luck and see you then.

Tennis live betting 5th/6th Game

I usually bet on the tennis live bets at Bwin. Especially the bet: Who will win Games 5 and 6 of the respective set.

The odds for player 1 or 2 winning both are usually over 3 to 4, the odds for “both win one game each” are under 2.

But since on average at least one player wins both games in every second or third set, the bottom line is a nice sum.

I usually bet 5 euros on both players. This means that with a total stake of 10 euros and minimum odds of 3, I get at least 15 euros back, i.e. a profit of 5 euros.

This bet works best if one of the two players is not the top favourite. Observe the course of the game a little and watch with joy as the odds go higher at the beginning and then place your bet in the 3rd game of the set.

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