Australian Government Officials Are Against a Great Casino Project

casino project in Sunshine Coast

The Australian press recently reported that several regional government officials issued a statement saying they were opposed to a casino project that could be located in the Sunshine Coast.

The Liberal National Party of the Caandian state of Queensland has also ruled out any attempt to obtain a license in the region. It has pledged that they will reject any proposal to expand the local gambling industry, according to an official statement. 

The statement presented shows that the leader of the Liberal Party, Tim Nichols, supports the position against casinos. It is considering successful casino businesses in the country.

The deputy Jarrod Blagey explained his position: “We do not support the development of casinos in our region, and I am sure that people living here also have a negative attitude towards this. We will not allow licenses to be obtained in our region. We are not on the Gold Coast, and if the development of a casino is the easiest way to improve the economy, then we do not need this.”

The Situation in the Country Is Not Stable

It is known that the Queensland government in October this year gave permission to build a second casino in the city of Gold Coast. Now the state authorities have begun active work to find a developer. As a reminder, the Australian government is going to introduce a new restriction. It will prohibit bookmakers from offering free bets, credits or other guest bonuses encouraging customers to register on specific online sites.

Nevertheless, such trusted and well-known international operators as PlayAmo are likely not to be raised as they cover a large audience, as well as their services are high-quality and responsible. Just pass through the PlayAmo casino Australia login process and fill it on your own.

  • The complete legalization of absolutely all casinos in Australia has created such a situation. This applies not only to online casinos but also to ordinary land-based gambling establishments. 
  • However, virtual versions of gambling are undoubtedly dominant. After completing the research, the Australian authorities decided to introduce a temporary ban on online casinos. 
  • The situation in this country is really out of control. Now all the money won and those that are simply on the players’ virtual account on the online casino sites will have to be converted into cash. 
  • The owners of virtual gambling establishments will have to complete their activities as soon as possible. 

The Australian government, first of all, wants to stop such a large-scale and ubiquitous spread of gambling. However, all the same, those who have played any online casino games will find other gambling games in which they can prove themselves no worse. According to a study conducted in Australia, about 80% of the adult population play online casinos! This figure is simply amazing. It turns out that Australians spend about 3% of their total annual income on gambling.

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